5-month-old baby allegedly killed as LASTMA officer causes accident

31 Dec 2015

5-month-old baby allegedly killed as LASTMA officer causes accident


Attempt by an official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, LASTMA, to arrest a business transport driver for disregarding the state activity law around the Awoyokun end of Ikorodu Road, has left a five-month-old infant killed and several others injured.

The transport driver, who had grabbed a traveler by the roadside was said to have kept driving in an offer to dodge arrest when one of the LASTMA officials purportedly bounced into the front seat trying to arrest him.

The yet-to-be-identified offender was said to be among a group of movement officials from the LASTMA's Anthony office.

During the battle, The Punch reports, the LASTMA official purportedly pulled out the ignition key as the transport crashed into a positioned decline truck.

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Based on onlooker account, the episode happened at around 12pm on Wednesday.

According to the unidentified observer, "The driver was found picking a traveler out and about and the LASTMA officials sought after him. They made up for lost time with him and one of them immediately hopped into the transport and advised the driver to give him the key. The driver declined and proceeded with driving.

"The LASTMA officer began fighting for the control of the guiding with him. Before we comprehended what was going on, the LASTMA man expelled the key from the ignition. Right now, the transport slammed into a decline truck," the observer added.

A business driver, Sola Adeyemo, said the effect of the impact flung out huge numbers of the travelers, some of whom maintained fractures.

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"They broke their hands and legs. It was a genuine mishap. Indeed, even the transport driver was harmed. A couple of them were laid out and about. Those that supported the most wounds were those by the entryway. A lady was fundamentally harmed and it will be a wonder if she survived it," Adeyemo added.

Reports say the LASTMA official in charge of the mischance was similarly injured.

A witness, who supposedly caught the official getting himself out from the transport, said he limped out.

He said, "He moved out while we were attempting to spare the lives of the travelers and the driver. He remained on top of the transport and after that hopped on the deny truck. From that point, he bounced over an adjacent fence and ran away."

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All the casualties were apparently taken to the loss ward of the National Orthopedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos.

An official said the healing facility's Chief Medical Director was not available.

However, a few officials at the loss ward confirmed that an infant was killed.

One of them said, "A few people were brought here and they managed wounds. Immediately they came, they were gone to and those whose wounds were not genuine left.

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"The mother of the kid who kicked the bucket was brought here and she was dealt with. The child's remaining parts were taken away by the family."

The LASTMA Public Relations Officer, PRO, Mamud Hassan, denied that any life was lost, including that the driver of the transport was the planner of the crash.

He said, "The business transport driver is a serial activity law violator. He had been cautioned several times and he didn't stop his propensity. On Monday, he did it again and our officials gave him the chance to drop the travelers at the closest transport stop before they attempted to take his vehicle into LASTMA yard, however in his edgy attempt to get away from this arrest, he kept driving and making calls to his companions to come and manage the officials.

"It was in his franticness to get away from that he smashed the transport into a stationary truck. Around three people managed minor wounds, which incorporated the official, the driver, and one other passenger.

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"No life was lost. Drivers and drivers ought to please help us to carry out our employments. If any of our officials are found doing anything incorrectly, they will be rebuffed," the PRO stated.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Joe Offor, confirmed the episode, which he said was accounted for at the Ilupeju Police division.


Offor said, "We don't have any record of death, aside from that few people supported wounds. In the interim, travelers, who made articulations claimed that the mishap was brought on by the LASTMA official," Offor added.

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News Source: DailyPost, 9jaTales

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