Economic hardship: I am not aware – Buhari

31 Dec 2015

Economic hardship: I am not aware – Buhari


President Muhammadu Buhari has precluded not having knowledge from claiming the difficulties and hardship most Nigerians have been experiencing particularly students in the Diaspora who have been unfavorably influenced by the arrangements of the Central bank of Nigeria, CBN.

Buhari expressed this amid his lady presidential media talk on Wednesday 30 December, 2015.

The President why should expected location the critical circumstance which has crippled business exercises in the country, hampering student's capacities to make installment abroad dashed the trusts and desires of Nigerians when he said he didn't know and would solicit the Central Bank from Nigeria, CBN for clarification.

He said, "I am not mindful, I promise to approach the CBN for clarifications. It is an extremely dreadful circumstance we are in. We cannot overlap our hands, we need to do something.

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Buhari every single through hello there discourse did not provide direct responses to various inquiries that were solicited by the panel from columnist as he said he would look for more clarification an activity which is inadmissible as he ought to have been advised by his bureau members as possible in other creating and created countries of the world.

When tested on how his government was going to gather the information of unemployed youths and when, For the dispensing of N5, 000 stipends, he said, "It is in our manifesto the Ministry of Labor and Productivity will handle this."

His reaction revealed that neither the president or his party, the All Progressive Congress, APC, have built up a layout for the installment of the stipends an activity which signifies the pace at which the government will work in 2016 having been blamed for running the government gradually this year in this way subjecting Nigerians to an untold hardship.

On getting to support the budget, he said, "Government has no option, if it needs to make employments and fix the infrastructure.

In the 2016 budget, Buhari uncovered that the aggregate of N1.84 trillion will be lent from both local and foreign sources; in this manner further indebting and selling the eventual fate of Nigerians.

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Post Nigeria had reported that in each given day of the year 2016, beginning from tomorrow, Buhari will need to obtain N5.041 billion day by day to run his government.

Most dampening is that out of this credit, a whooping whole of N2.2bn would be spent on the President and the Vice President Food stuffs, refreshment, goes, and also honorarium and sitting allowances.

N18.1 billion to run the State House, N39.8m for the buy of an unspecified number of 200 amps, 100 amps and 60 amps Mercedes Benz batteries for slug proof vehicles, while N30m to buy tool stash, auto jacks, and symptomatic machines for the Presidency's bulletproof autos among several other benefits.

According to financial specialists, there is no difference between past budget and that of Buhari's change budget which budgeted more in spite of the president promise to cut expense in administration as the swallow of the 2016 budget will be exhausted on the presidency and the National Assembly.

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News Source: Post-Nigeria, 9jaTales

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