France urges EU to crack down on fake refugee passports

29 Dec 2015

France urges EU to crack down on fake refugee passports


French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has called on the EU to take extra measures to upgrade discovery of fake Syrian international IDs utilized by people attempting to get into Europe. He says both Islamic State and Turkey are included in making fake IDs.

The minister voiced worries over fake character reports utilized by those looking for shelter as a part of Europe after two suicide planes who tuned in the destructive Paris assaults in November were found to have Syrian international IDs, which the examination accepts to be counterfeit. The terrorists utilized the visas to enter Greece in October and afterward to go to France.

The Paris assaults "unfortunately showed that a few terrorists are attempting to get into our countries and carry out criminal acts by blending in with the stream of vagrants and refugees," Cazeneuve wrote in a letter to the European Commission, AFP reported.

"The checks of travel archives exhibited by refugees at the outer borders of the EU are an extremely significant and stressing issue," he added.

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The minister called on the EU to improve the nature of hardware used to check character archives, particularly at the Union's outer borders in Greece and Italy, through which most refugees get to other European countries.

He additionally proposed that the archives ought to be coordinated with the Interpol bases of stolen or lost international IDs impugning the present procedures of security checks in refugee focuses as "to a great extent insufficient."

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Cazeneuve additionally said that substantial quantities of clear international IDs were stolen from Syrian authoritative offices in settlements seized by Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL) militants focusing on that "these 'real-fake' travel papers are difficult to detect."

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"Other identifications have additionally been taken from dead people, for example, Syrian soldiers or civilian casualties of bombings and after that sold to people looking like them," he added.

Turkey likewise assumes a part in the fake reports exchange, the minister said refering to information provided by several European knowledge offices. A percentage of the clear identifications stolen from Syria are changed and sold in Turkey, he said, AFP reported.

On December 27, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier likewise called on EU to recapture control over its borders by saying that it is vital to have "more control over who is entering and leaving Europe."

Steinmeier encouraged EU countries to bolster the expansion of the European Border Protection organization (Frontex) and to bolster a €3 billion ($3.29bn) with Turkey that in exchange pledged to confine the inflow of refugees to Europe.

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At the same time, the German minister shielded his country's open entryway approach and focused on that refugees must not be dealt with like suspected terrorists.

According to late figures from International Organization for Migration, an aggregate of 1,005,504 people arrived in Europe amid 2015, more than four times the same number of as in 2014.

News Source: RTDailyNews, 9jaTales

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