Iraq PM's helicopter takes ISIL ground fire in Ramadi

29 Dec 2015

Iraq PM's helicopter takes ISIL ground fire in Ramadi


Iraq's leader visited the city of Ramadi on Tuesday, a day in the wake of guaranteeing its catch from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) following a months-long attack by the outfitted group.

A source told Al Jazeera that ISIL fighters on the ground opened fire with little arms on Haider al-Abadi's helicopter, but were too far out of extent to do any harm. Abadi arrived protected and sound with the province's top military administrator at the Anbar University complex in the city's southern outskirts.

Iraqi forces on Monday raised the national banner over the primary government complex in Ramadi following quite a while of fatal fighting against ISIL. But there were still pockets of resistance in and around the city, the armed force said.

"The executive and the leader of the military Dr Haider al-Abadi visits the freed city of Ramadi," Abadi posted on his Twitter account.

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As Ababi advanced toward Ramadi his helicopter went under ground fire, Al Jazeera's Osama canister Javaid reported from Erbil, Iraq.

"There were ISIL fighters present in the region who attempted to assault … yet they couldn't really on the grounds that it was out of extent and they couldn't do any damage. But it gives you a sign that this zone where Iraqi forces are extremely joyous about re-taking is not totally under their control yet."

Abadi saluted the security forces who were all the while clearing streets and structures for roadside bombs, booby traps, and holed up fighters.

In a broadcast discourse on Monday, Abadi proclaimed the military operation that liberated the key city from ISIL's control after the group took it over in May.

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"2016 will be the year of the enormous and last triumph, when [ISIL's] vicinity in Iraq will be ended," Abadi said. "We are coming to free Mosul and it will be the lethal and last hit to [ISIL]." 

Mosul, northern Iraq's primary city, is by a wide margin the biggest populace focus in the self-proclaimed caliphate ISIL rules in Iraq and Syria in the wake of going into all out attack mode in June 2014.

Baghdad has said for months that it would prove its forces' reconstructed ability by moving back ISIL's stunning advances in Anbar, a predominantly Sunni province extending from Baghdad's edges to the Syrian border.

Despite the successful tone on Tuesday, examiners say the security circumstance in and around Ramadi stays problematic.

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Bessma Momani is an associate professor of global affairs at Waterloo University. She told Al Jazeera that Ramadi is a key testing ground for the Iraqi government.

"It's a great deal less demanding to vanquish than it is to clutch this territory. This loss of Ramadi [in May] was a gigantic hit to the Iraqi forces … Can it hang on? That will be the real test," she said.

Iraqi forces retake the focal point of Ramadi from ISIL

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News Source: Aljazeera, 9jaTales

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