Chris Martin, leader of Coldplay, fasting one day a week

22 Jan 2016

Chris Martin, leader of Coldplay, fasting one day a week


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Chris Martin
Chris Martin
Chris Martin
Chris Martin
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The leader of Coldplay beautiful jump on stage, this is not how stays in shape.

Instead of counting calories or to enroll in Weight Watchers, the musician 38 years prefer not to eat one day a week.

I fast "once a week" said the father of two facilitators radio .

Better known under the name 6: 1, food Method Chris would have started with a suggestion.

"I started to follow him when, one day when I was sick, a guy told me:" Try not to eat a day and you will see that your body will feel better. "

If saliva at the thought of not eating for one day, Chris explains that the results of this system beyond the simple fact of being thin.

"I did it and I noticed that I sang better, and I had a new appreciation for the food ... and everything else, grateful I did not have much before," admitted the

"This feeling of gratitude leads to feelings of joy, again, when hungry, it is more concentrated, so anything that helps to creativity."

Apart from the fact that we do not eat, Chris regime has other disadvantages.

"When you fast, after 15 hours, it becomes a little nervous, so you have to be careful who you talk to that time," he said.

If the star follows this diet, she admits circumvent the rules fairly regularly.

"When you're supposed to eat a salad with kale, I tend to eat pancakes with Nutella, which is a very bad choice and goes against the regime," admits the singer.

We would do the same, Chris.

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