Young Designer Of The Week: Sadiqah Musa

23 Jan 2016

Young Designer Of The Week: Sadiqah Musa


TELL us about yourself, growing up, family foundation, instruction and all.

My name is Sadiqah Musa. I was conceived in Kano and brought up in London. I have a Bsc and Msc in Petroleum geophysics from Manchester University. I likewise have professional qualifications from London School of Fashion. I am a contemporary style designer.

What is AA Couture?

AA Couture is an extravagance brand composed on account of the present day Nigerian. My garments are produced using high caliber, exquisite and uncommon fabrics sewn with extreme tender loving care. I am known globally for my hand executed beading on French ribbon and Ankara. AA Couture garments eventually give a feeling of refined taste and indulgence.

What else do you accomplish professionally?

I am a full-time mother of two handsome young men. I am likewise an Interpretation Geophysicist for an Oil and Gas company.

Please fill us in on your ascent to popularity and how could it have been able to it all start.

I have dependably been around style and fabrics growing up as a young lady. I had awesome impacts from my grandma to my mom down to my aunts.

I turned out to be intense about style outlining as i began investigating garments to wear for my wedding. I was watchful for plans and fabrics that spoke to me as a youthful contemporary Nigerian lady, however without any result. This led to the conception of AA Couture. I started sourcing fabrics from everywhere throughout the world and making outlines for my family and companions. Presently I have a boutique in Wuse II Abuja.

Which of your numerous employments energize you the most?

I appreciate oil and gas investigation yet my enthusiasm truly lies in style. My life is enlightened in light of style. From magnificence, to high road the distance to high form. Design permits me to be free and to convey what needs be imaginatively. There are no rules or limits in design. It is a declaration of ones self.

What different territories of your vocation would you say you are hoping to investigate?

I have as of late purchased a DSL Camera to take photos of behind the scene images amid a photoshoot. I might want to investigate photography somewhat more. As style and photography go hand in hand.

What has been the high purpose of your Fashion Career?

The opening of the Abuja boutique by a wide margin is my greatest accomplishment to date. I have an accumulation of more than 100 outfits in the boutique which took me over two years to make. I take pride in each and every piece and never compromise on quality.

What has been the least in this way?

Unfortunately, when you are on an excursion as fantastic as mine you meet people along the way who are not altogether as they have all the earmarks of being. My most minimal point has been believing many individuals who later disillusion and even damage my work. Occurrences like this are a gift in life since you learn, you lift yourself up and you proceed onward even stronger.

What's your interpretation of style and the business?

The style industry is an exceptionally energizing spot to be at this moment. There are such a large number of inventive personalities out there that push and rouse me to be better. The scene in Abuja is electric. Youthful creators are pushing the business to the forefront. I am exceptionally hopeful about the business and it will just get greater as the ability pool expands ever so greatly.

Do you think design is underrated?

Fashion used to be underrated, that is surely not the case now. We live in an advanced world, a universe of social media where people are taking photos of them selves consistently. We are extremely picture cognizant and the interest for looking in vogue has never been higher than it is presently. Companions are attempting to out do one another. Staying aware of the Jones is the better approach for life.

This is all style driven.

What's your day like in the design world?

Everyday is different. There is a constant flood of excitement in the design world. One day we could be having a photograph shoot the next, i could be with a prominent spouse. Every one has its own particular requests, highs, lows and challenges. Ordinarily for a marriage bundle, we begin the readiness three months ahead of time. Beginning with pre-wedding outfits and photograph shoot took after by the genuine wedding day occasions and outfits. A normal AA Couture lady orders 3 to 4 outfits. I am personally in charge of the considerable number of fittings and the protected arrival of the outfits and outfit after care.

What's your style inclination?

Simple and elegant!

Do you have a style symbol?

Victoria Beckham. She is the meaning of chic.

Are you a trend/planner buff or does anything go for you?

I wouldn't say anything goes however i would not posture confinement on any configuration inclination. If the certainty and the state of mind is correct, it is conceivable to shake practically anything. For me personally i blend a tiny bit of both. I love creator marks yet i additionally appreciate finding uncommon peculiar pieces in e.g. Morocco, insect markets etc.

Have you ever endured a design violation of social norms? If yes let us know about it.

This, I will take to my grave. My lips are sealed.

If you had a chance of swapping closets with anybody, who might that be

My Mother. Despite everything I go into her closet and find the most exquisite things. She is a genuine design queen.

What's the most costly form accessory you possess and what amount?

A have a handbag dependence. So it must be my restricted version Chanel grasp sack. The grip is "priceless"

How do you serve your group?

I run a paid temporary job program for youthful business minded people inside of the style business. I give them a first-hand involvement in working a little/medium size business. It's a youth empowerment program intended to connect with and spellbind the brains of the learners with the trust of providing them with the apparatuses to set up their own particular business later on. This program has been exceptionally prevalent and we would like to expand it in the close future.


News Source: TheGuardianNigeria, 9jaTales

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