Help! Why do I wee during sex?

1 Apr 2016

Help! Why do I wee during sex?


Dear Bunmi,

I’ve just met a fantastic boyfriend who is a good lover. The problem is that twice now, I’ve had a wee during sex. I’ve also noticed that this only happens whenever we have sex in the missionary position.



As you can imagine, it is really embarrassing. My man hasn’t noticed yet though I’m sure it’ll be a matter of time before he notices.

Susie, by e-mail.

Dear Susie,

Don’t be embarrassed and don’t panic! What is probably happening is that having sex in the missionary position is pressing on your bladder, forcing you to let go.

The answer is simple— don’t have sex in that position. Tell your man it stimulates you in the wrong way (which is perfectly true, although not in the way he might think!) and you’d prefer other positions.

When you’ve been going out for long, and are more relaxed with him, you can admit the truth if you like. For now, just avoid the problem.


News Source: VanguardNigeria, 9jaTales

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