Kris Jenner Shocked After Caitlyn Changes Gender On Birth Certificate: ‘Was I Ever Married?

14 Apr 2016

Kris Jenner Shocked After Caitlyn Changes Gender On Birth Certificate: ‘Was I Ever Married?


Uh oh! Kris Jenner is on of the verge of tears after Caitlyn Jenner reveals that she changed her name and gender on her birth certificate. The shocking news comes in the next episode of ‘I Am Cait’ and Kris left with SO many questions.

Poor Kris Jenner! The 60 year-old reality star is now wondering if she was ever legally married to the former Bruce Jenner after Caitlyn, 66, dropped the bombshell news that she not only changed her driver’s license to show her new name and gender, she also changed her birth certificate meaning there is no more Bruce anymore. Keep reading for Kris’ emotional reaction.

The new clip from the upcoming I Am Cait episode starts with Cait and Kris sitting on a sofa as the former explains how she’s thrown away Bruce’s former wardrobe, something that Kris laments she put 23 years putting together. But if that made her sad, Cait was about to drop a way bigger bomb!

“For the last four, five months, I had lawyers and people going through name change, and I finally got my driver’s license,” Cait says, revealing it now reads “Caitlyn Marie” and even notes that it comes with a gender marker “F.”  Kris is clearly blindsided by the news as a look of shock comes over her face before she replies, “Wow, I didn’t know they could do that.”

“You can go all the way back to your birth certificate and change that, and I did,” Caitlyn tells Kris who says “Stop…that’s kind of sad though,” and you can tell she’s starting to get emotional but Cait isn’t doing anything to make the situation better.

“I’ve come out this other side” Caitlyn continues as Kris interrupts, “Wait a second, does this mean he didn’t exist since you changed the birth certificate? Wait, was I ever married? Was I ever legally married? Dun dun dun! We’ll all find out the answer when the next I Am Cait airs at 9pm EST/PST Apr. 17 on E!

HollywoodLifers, are you shocked that Cait legally changed her birth certificate?

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News Source: HollyWoodLifeNews, 9jaTales

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