19 Apr 2016




As a matter of fact, about one-sixth to one-third of men worldwide are circumcised (their foreskin removed), usually for religious or hygiene reasons. Judgments differ as to whether it’s a good idea or not, but it’s largely agreed that circumcision makes a penis less sensitive.

The average man has 11 erections during the day, 9 erections during the night, and will ejaculate 7200 times in his life time and one teaspoon of semen only has seven calories.

But let’s be real, it technically has zero since you’ll either spit it out, throw it up, or avoid it altogether

My penis is very small compared to my mates and I’m about 35 years of age. I use to disregard the fact until recently that it is starting to affect me psychologically. What penis enlarger can I use that will give a permanent result and will have no side effect – Umoh

There are very safe penis enlargers that give a permanent result. Vigrx plus is a herbal supplement for this purpose that cause a rush of blood to the penile tissues for increment. Vigrx plus can be combined with Plump cream, Max-width , Maximus Cream or penis pump for a faster and more permanent result. You can get the Extenze plus or Neosize XL

Im a 55 year old man and a friend of mine referred your company to me. He used the Germany sex drops for his wife and he told me that his wife practically begs for sex anytime she uses this product with or without her knowledge for her. My wife has a very strong body and stuffs don’t usually work on her, do you think if I use Germanysex drops on her it would help put her in the mood for sex as its always difficult to get her in the mood –Chief Linus

Hello Chief, Germany sex drop is avery potent herbal drop that helps put a woman in the mood for sex no matter how tough the system of the woman is. Germany sex drop has proven to be the best in all of sexual enhancements for women. You can also combine theGermanysex drops with arousal gel like Mood, Me-so horny, horny honey gel for a better result.

Hello Viewden, I’m a 49 year old diabetic man. I have been suffering from diabetes for the past 12 years and this has seriously affected my erection. I can hardly get erection andwhen I eventually get, it’s not hard and I ejaculate within 2 minutes of penetration. But on trying out the Superhard from you guys, my story has totally changed, what other mild herbal aids do you think I can also try that will give the same result-Oba

Superhard is very effective and gives result that last for  more than 7 days in the body and is very safe especially for men that are hypertensive and diabetic or have health challenge just like you and im glad you got an amazing result. Other herbal supplement that is safe without side effect is African Superman, Plant Vigra, Manup, Stiffnite and BossRhino Gold to mention a few. All these products are very potent and safe and since you love variety, you can try them out at different times.

I once got Prosolution pill from you guys sometimes ago and I must confess it totally eradicated the problem of early ejaculation. My friend wants it but it has not been available for a long time. Do you now have it? Biola

Prosolution is amazing in correcting early ejaculation and weak erection and yes, its now available and your friend can place the order anytime he wants.

I need very small sized and cheap sextoys for women. Do you think I can get that from you? Mariam

Yes Mariam, we have very small sized vibrators and very affordable like the Vibrating lipstick, Silver bullet, Pink bullets, Gspot ticklers, Buzzing baby rabbit,  etc just to mention a few. You can visit our website to see more on these sextoys.

These are all we can take for today. Adults who needs any of these aphrodisiacs can call us on 08034666358, 07059294782 between 8am to 6pm (weekdays) and 10am to 3pm on Saturdays or place your orders at For further enquiries, send us an email at [email protected], [email protected]

Kemi Fawole (MD


News Source: PunchNigeria, 9jaTales

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