6 Things PDP’s Secondus Has To Say About Nigeria Under Buhari

28 Jun 2016

6 Things PDP’s Secondus Has To Say About Nigeria Under Buhari


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Uche Secondus, former deputy national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP),  in a statement on June 28th,  described Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari as a theatre of acrimony.

According to Secondus, the Buhari government should “stop causing more problems for the country but rather set out to tackle the ‘myriads’ it already created”.

INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 6 things he said that should interest you.

1.He said rather than strive to address the major socio-economic issues weighing down Nigeria due to the confusion and lack of direction of the government in the last one year, the APC is busy creating more battlefronts and compounding the challenges of the county”.

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2.He also stated that Nigeria under APC leadership today, the country has become a whole theatre of acrimony with agitations here and there with no clear sign of solution in sight forcing political watchers to question if the country is disintegrating.

3.According to him the Boko Haram issue that was supposed to be progressing well has run into troubled waters because of the confusion in the ruling party.

4.He added that the federal government’s anti-corruption fight is even skewed due to insincerity as ministers already confirmed to be corrupt internationally continue to move untouched while governors with immunity are harassed daily.

5. He stated also that rather than confront the various challenges overwhelming the country, APC is currently bleeding soaked in its own greed and the obvious consequence is that a house divided against itself is bound to fall and the party is already falling.”

6.Lastly, he opined that “while the federal government creates more problems it leaves unattended to critical projects, for example, after the hype created by his government on cleaning up Ogoniland, nothing is happening in the project while Governor Neysom Wike’s massive opening up of Ogoni roads neglected over the years is evident”.

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News Source: InformationNigeria, 9jaTales

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