Men, who do these things, protect their erection and never fail in sex

29 Jun 2016

Men, who do these things, protect their erection and never fail in sex


Here is an amazing fact for you – if you can keep your penis healthy, you can preserve the health of your heart, too. So, do your best to protect your erection and have a longer, healthier and happier life!

happy black man
happy black man

Here is what one of the scientists has to say:

“A lot of guys know their lifestyle is harming their health, but it isn’t until it begins to affect their sex life that they start to listen.”

So, can you really do something to protect your erection and sex life? You can, but first, let’s understand how an erection works to learn why these things can help you to protect it.

How erection works

erection protection
erection protection

Once your brain gets sexually excited, it sends the signal down to your veins and arteries. Your penis has both. Arteries supply the blood into this organ and veins drain it off. When you get sexually aroused, the arteries relax and allow more blood inflow, while the veins narrow down to stop the draining. That’s how the erection happens.

Best erection protection tips

Stay in good shape

black man working out
black man working out

Being overweight negatively affects not only your heart but your ability to attain an enormous erection. When you are working out, your vessels get trained, too. So, they become more capable of delivering the blood to your penis and the veins close up tighter to keep it in for the firmer stand.

Plus, exercises train your heart. It is the pump that supplies the blood for a great erection. If you have extra weight, it is harder for the blood to get down to the right spot. So, working out and staying fit and lean protects your erection.

Eat healthy foods

erection protection tips
erection protection tips

Unhealthy foods clog your blood vessels, and they fail to supply enough blood for a firm erection. Eating more fruit, veggies, fish, vegetable oils and consuming red wine in small portions keeps your heart, vessels and penis healthy.

Cut down the drinks

Alcohol has the power to kill your erection and murder your sex life. Yes, little red wine is good, but regular drinking damages your body and rapidly decreases the production of sex hormone in men. That leads to erectile dysfunction.

Monitor your blood pressure

High blood pressure can be caused by poor diet, bad habits, and other reasons. It can endanger your life. So, leading a healthy lifestyle can prevent developing this problem. Many drugs for lowering blood pressure also negatively affect the erection. So, if you wish to protect your manpower, protect your heart, blood vessels, and the enter ire body.

Taking good care of yourself pays off by having strong erections and amazing love life.



News Source: NAIJ, 9jaTales

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