26 Jun 2016



Akwa Ibom dakadda - the killer punch news
Akwa Ibom dakadda - the killer punch news


When Udom Emmanuel assumed office as the Governor of Akwa Ibom state, this writer was one of his fiercest critics. That he colluded with his predecessor to game our people to come into office. That he is stooges of Akpabio administration. Lots of invectives were thrown at Udom Emmanuel. Not anymore.

Looking at what is taking place in Ibom state today, the writer has come to the inevitable conclusion that his Excellency, Governor Udom Emmanuel fully understands the privilege and responsibility that comes with his occupation of the hilltop mansion. Here are what I know now about Governor Emmanuel ’s leadership that I want to share with the forum and its pundits.


Udom Emmanuel’s reign so far has laid bare his honesty, fairness and integrity that a governor is expected to bring to the hilltop mansion.

He holds himself to the highest standards of integrity and decency. Instead of playing to our anxieties, and other emotions, he is focused on a mandate on what needs to be done to improve the lives of our people.

 Unlike Umana Okon Umana, he sees his political adversaries as people with different ideas and political base. They are his brothers and sisters who disagree with him politically or exercise their franchise differently. If his opponents have ideas he thinks is not good for the state, he tells them why his ideas are more preferable than theirs. He does not go on murderous rampage, kidnappings, and other forms of violent intimidation unworthy of a free people just so he could   impose his will on the populace or try to destroy those who disagree with his views.       


He has shown that he is a leader with different vision and ideas from those of his predecessor. He understands that political parties can rise and fall. State house won and lost, but the way we govern endures through political debate and not disorder. He seems to understand that in a representative democracy, free political discussion on issues dear to our people should be claimed by all citizens since government action affects all citizens of the state.

He strives to attain the central tenet of a constitutional democracy -that people’s business should be conducted in plain view of the governed and is running an open and accessible government.


Akwaibomites under the watchful protection of the state, have so far not witnessed the type of moral failings, abuses, instability, insecurity, Murders, Mayhem, Arson that appealed to our darkest impulse or Romanizing evil, vandalizing and trashing our constitutional values and traditions that doomed his predecessor’s administration.

Akwa IBOM Governor Emmanuel To Dissolve LG Transition Committees Next Month
Akwa IBOM Governor Emmanuel To Dissolve LG Transition Committees Next Month


 Akwaibomites in general and Eket Senatorial District in particular should never forget that the sources of Udom Emmanuel ’s Electoral strength is Godswill Akpabio. His emphatic and unflagging support for the right of Eket Senatorial District’s turn to govern the state should never go unappreciated.  

COMPARE:  Umana Okon Umana would not even chose a running mate from Eket Senatorial District –a clear evidence that Umana Okon Umana intended to keep the people of Eket Senatorial District in perpetual bondage. His hostility towards our people should never be taken lightly nor forgotten.   

To this end, Eket Senatorial District owe Godswill Akpabio much gratitude. We can praise Akpabio’s legacy of public service and draw from the episode that attended his administration and move the state forward leaving behind us, his critics, the drifters, twisters, shifters and political prostitutes and self -absorbed political leaders of Eket Senatorial District who are now shamelessly seeking sanctuary in APC after wrecking People’s Democratic Party.

If the exploiters and the political opportunists have left behind any legacy, it is a heightened awareness of the blood bath and deep hurt they caused our people before migrating to APC. They cannot and should never be trusted as good stewards of the state. EDC is the party of the state and will remain so the Good Lord willing.      


Governor Udom Emanuel inherited huge debts and an empty treasury from his predecessor. The state and the entire nation are operating in the black. There is a huge systemic problem that leaves the state cash strapped. Consequently, Governor Emmanuel ’s administration is doing the best he can with the meager revenue allocated to him by the federal government.

He has travelled to the state’s bleakest communities to meet with them one on one to talk about how free enterprise can lift people out of poverty. These are arrears that hadn’t seen any political leader ever come through. Some do not even have access roads to where they live. He has created access roads to these areas of the state and by so doing instill confidence in the people of his political leadership.   

Policies and training are being put in place for the citizens. He is spurring economic growth through job creation, creating or reviving dead industries, repairing abandoned roads and trying to put Akwaibomites to work both in private and government sectors. 


Forum pundits and critics have earned praises or claim praises in waging relentless attacks on Akpabio administration and have tried to destroy his legacy. But this is Udom Emmanuel’s administration and not Akpabio’s. We are tired of crisis in the state and the familiar barbs aimed not at provoking thoughts and ideas but outrage and insults that attended Akapabio administration.

Instead of waiting on the sideline to criticize and condemn and try to take down Udom Emmanuel’s government, we should propose compelling alternative ideas.

If people disagree with our ideas, we should not launch personal insult on their person nor question their motives. We should not lock ourselves in the dogma of the opinions we already hold. People with different ideas are not traitors. They are not our enemies, they are our fellow writers, fellow academia, scholars, Citizens or may be even friends or blood relations.   

We should never forget that Governor Attah and Umana Okon Umana of Uyo Senatorial District created the rough beasts or monster that same people later unsuccessfully tried to slay. Yes, they locked their outrage in a blind trust as long as Akpabio was throwing invectives against APC and UdoEdehe -his political enemy. Only when the tide turned against them were they willing to say he was firing. These people are nothing but hypocrites.      

Dr. Inyang Oduok

Atlanta Georgia.


News Source: KillerPunchNews, 9jaTales

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