Halliburton Bribery: Buhari Received Bribe To Lobby Abacha

1 Jul 2016

Halliburton Bribery: Buhari Received Bribe To Lobby Abacha



The facts are there.

The scandal began during the Abacha era when officials of Haliburton lobbied for a juicy gas project contract by bribing associates and cronies of the Abacha govt to help lobby for the project to be awarded to them.

Atiku picked up on the scam when as VP he reviewed activities of the PTDF which hitherto was formerly the PTF under Buhari during the Abacha years.

The Aisha Buhari mentioned in the Jeferson bribery case was and still remains St. Buhari who used his wife’s name to open an account to transfer and receive bribes.

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This is why Atiku Abubabakr can stroll into Aso Rock without any fear of arrest as Buhari was one of the first govt officials under Abacha to bennefit from the Haliburton bribery case.

You will recall that there was a minor tussle a few months back between the AGF and Vice President Osinbanjo over the Halliburton case file.

The VP had requested for the file on the Haliburton scandal only for the current AGF to block his access to it.

Now why will the AGF prevent the VP from reviewing the Haliburton case?

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And also why did Osinbanjo show interest in the first place to study the Haliburton case file?

The fact remains that Osinbanjo through his puppet master Tinubu have been reliably tipped off about Buhari’s involvement in the Haliburton bribery scandal and Tinubu intended to use the findings in the Haliburton file to blackmail the Presidency.

Buhari intends to do to the Haliburton scandal what he did with the missing 2.8billion naira NNPC stolen funds back in 1984 – destroy all evidence leading to his involvement.

We must not let this scamming hypocrite decieve us again as he intends to destroy all evidence linking him to the Haliburton scandal.

The fact that the President has refused to reopen the case or even make mention of it proves he was one of the earliest benneficiary of the Halliburton scam.



News Source: Zubbyblog, 9jaTales

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