State of the Nation, Drum of war and Resolving national Crisis

11 Jul 2016

State of the Nation, Drum of war and Resolving national Crisis


We all do not have to be a president to take Nigeria to its destination. The Nigerian Federal System has repeatedly failed its citizens and I wonder if our leaders are not aware or are just shying away from the truth. Terrorists and millitants always becomes more deadly in the face of military action. We have this on record and we keep making the same mistakes.

We can say with every certainty that every act of terrorism or militancy is as a result of some advantaged group trying to suppress the ideas and essence of some disadvantaged group who are willing to give up all they have to be heard and actualize their dream.

What happens between the Government and armed group could be compared to the quarrel between parents in a family but in the end, they get under the same roof.

The question is who does not love life? -No one. The various armed factions fight for their well being. From my perspective, marginalization and inequality of all sorts are the bedrock of all the problems in our today's world.

How many people were killed before Military declared war on Boko Haram and How many have been killed after we declared war on Boko Haram. I bet you would not like your findings. I remember when the Cameroon soldiers express shock about the fact the more they kill BokoHaram insurgents, the more they increase in number. What does this tell you as a person? Answers in the wind.

Our leaders are the cause of Boko Haram, Our Leaders are the Cause of Biafra Agitation , Our Leaders are the cause of Niger Delta Militancy and the situation would continue to dilapidate until there is a clear shift in paradigm. Paradigm shift from impressing the advantaged to hearing the cry of the poor minority.

Untill we fix the root cause of the problem,the insurgency would continue to be on the rise. Citizens would always turn criminal and FG would continue to kill and it goes on and on. Militancy is the effect but injustice, corruption and marginalization. We cannot protect every pipeline route at the same time and this is the oil Militants exploit.

It is not clear why one family will be able to train five successful children and another family with three cannot. When this happens we blame it on poor home training but in Nigeria's case we blame the poor masses instead of the rogue political leaders.

Our Leaders, welcome to the real world. Welcome to knowledge advancement among the poor and suppressed. The cost of the various wars and the cost of the amnesty program if far more expensive than honesty. The cost outweighs what it would have cost to develop the regions with genuine agitation.

If we must fight Boko Haram successfully, then why are we neglecting their financial sources. The war against Boko Haram is the struggle against Ideas and tell me who ever win such war with the barrels of a gun. The simple reality is that we can’t defend everything, not without losing everything in the process.

As a society of people with diverse ethnic-religious background and uneven ethnic population distribution, we take a deep look at ourselves, our leaders, and our media, and stop pointing accusing fingers. It’s time, among other things, to stop discriminating against our own brothers, only to stand by slack-jawed as a few of them take up arms to fight against the system. As a Leader, you need to opt out of all this, and dissuade others from buying into it.

Can we explain to us why our activists always fall a prey in the hands of governments machinery. Poor justice system that favours the rich and connected. Justice is too expensive for an average Nigerian.  This is why the cry of the poor never get needed attention which forces them to create some sort of political or economic consequences.

Long and short, dishonesty and greed is Nigeria's problem and it will take a truly honest leader to resolve these problems.

Fellow Nigerians and the world at-large, after decades of the wrong strategies and the disasters that followed, should we not change our approach? 

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