MUST READ: Men, How to Know You Are Unknowingly Killing Your Sperm

1 Jul 2016

MUST READ: Men, How to Know You Are Unknowingly Killing Your Sperm


Enough of the women’s talk, let us talk about men’s health, “sperm”, to be precise. It is no longer news that more and more men are becoming incapable of reproducing, with the ladies getting worried.

A man’s sperm is an important part of who he is. What most men do not pay attention to, are the many little things that they do daily, that could be destroying their swimmers. However, many factors contribute to men’s infertility issues, but in most cases, a man’s tool is the major culprit, even though they hate to admit it.

Researchers have shown that a man’s lifestyle, can affect the quality and quantity of his sperm and here are some everyday habits killing your swimmers.

Ignoring stress

Stress is a culprit to infertility, especially for men who allow stress to get the best of them.  A man, who is always stressed, maybe due to overworking or thinking, is inadvertently killing his swimmers. Researchers found out that men with anxiety issues tend to have abnormally shaped sperm and sperm with mobility issues. Now, an immobile sperm is useless, because they have to swim far to marry an egg for conception. Note, that stress not only affects sperm count, but also the entire body.

Solution: Take time out of your busy schedule to rest and take care of yourself.

Keeping your phone in your trouser pocket

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pocket phone
pocket phone

Without doubt the front trouser pocket might seem like the safest place to carry your gadgets, your phones in particular, but little did you know that it is a bad habit for your sperm. Researchers have proven that the radiation that the phone emits, when put in such close proximity to a man’s privates, kills his sperm.

Solution: Shocking, but true! So keep your phone in your suit pocket, or get a phone jacket to hang around your waste, or simply hold it in your hand.

Wearing briefs


Men have different underwear choices according to their personalities. Men who opt for tight briefs though, could be hurting their boys with this choice, if you know what I mean? Guys! The testicles are positioned outside the body so that they can maintain low temperatures ideal for sperm production. When a man wears briefs, the testicles stay tightly pressed against a warm body. This warmth impedes sperm production.

Solution: Stop wearing tight underwear, allow your boys to breathe.

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Using your laptop on your thighs

laptop on thighs 2
laptop on thighs 2

If you are in the habit of working or watching movies with your laptop placed on your thighs, you are unknowingly killing your sperm. The heat that a laptop computer gives off, can destroy your sperm. In addition, a computer’s Wi-Fi connectivity can also hinder male fertility, as a result of the radiation it produces.

Solution: Get a desk or table as the case may be. Just don’t put your computer system on your thighs.

Testosterone supplements


A lot of guys these days, pop supplements to enlarge their manhood and to build the muscles, or to become better athletes. The bad news, is that too much of these supplements can actually destroy you. Too much testosterone can shut down the pituitary gland which controls sperm production.

Solution: Eat healthy, or better still, accept what you have.

Excess alcohol consumption

A group of Nigerian men drink beer (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)
A group of Nigerian men drink beer (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

Another culprit, is excessive alcohol consumption. It usually slows down sperms production, not to mention that too much of it interferes with sexual performance.

Solution: Drink responsibly.

Smoking cigarette

man smoking
man smoking

Smoking is not good for anyone, be you a male or female. Cigarette smoking does not only hinder productivity in women; it destroys the sperm DNA in men, and it is also a major cause of lung failure and various types of cancer.

Solution: Stop smoking, if you can not, at least reduce the number of sticks you take

Staying too much in hot areas

hot bath
hot bath

Being exposed to too much heat regularly, has dire consequences for a man’s sperm. A man’s genital region needs to be cooler than any other part of the body. Also, avoid extremely hot baths, because when testicles are exposed to high temperatures, it kills sperms and also interferes with sperm production.

Solution: Avoid regular hot baths.

Piling up extra weight

Man watching tv with pizza on lap
Man watching tv with pizza on lap

Being overweight or obese, lowers sperm production, and can cause erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence.

Solution: Losing just a little amount of weight can help.


News Source: Post-Nigeria, 9jaTales

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